Thursday, December 6, 2012

Skirts for everyday use I sign these looks!

primark skirt

I like the skirts, and I like how I left my guitar like silhouette thanks as disguise hips and thighs. But I refuse to copy looks with high heels, which are discarded in my day to day. I know that the skirts look good with heels, but looks more normal looking and more comfortable, you can copy me daily.

All we ever felt yourself to take a tulle skirt to wear to Carrie Bradshaw. Crris leads to a more everyday thanks to the boots and jersey. Its Primark skirt is quite a find.

Very short skirt must be worn with sneakers flight to make it right. The leather jacket adds a journal to this look in black and red and I write it down in my diary.

skirt slippers

You ever tell what they are resultonas leather skirts, and more with jersey leggings and oversize, as has Ladyframboise.

leather skirt

I also liked the styling of Angicupcakes, comfortable clothing such as mixing planes studded boots, wool hat with the most stylish clothes and sequined skirt. The oxblood also comes to accessories, socks, wool hats and scarf surrender to fashion color.

oxblood skirt

Photos | crris , Cristina23 , Ladyframboise , Angicupcakes
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