Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stay checkered, as the famous


There are many things in this life to stay checked. I with what I'm plaid lately is with the newspaper, to bad light, but there are a thousand and one reasons more, both good and bad. Fashion gives us one more thanks to the recovery of the trend that we came from Seattle and the grunge of Nirvana was sealed. The celebrities have been deaf and luxury point to grunge.


We started with Nicky Hilton who walked these days by West Hollywood with a lumberjack jacket.

The keys to make a: having fleece inside and is a suitable size, if a little big look like a costume. The Aspen is the look that fits over the garment but if you're daring, you can wear it in an explosive cocktail dress chiffon jersey under eights and pamela felt.

At his feet a shoe complicated but achieved greater convenience, a slippers that look much the bloggers.


Lea Michele also has worn grunge fashion with a plaid shirt in electric blue and it makes the most conventional way, with leggings and boots.

Photo | Gtres
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