Friday, December 28, 2012

Sum the garnet and defeat. With black, and white with everything!


Many bets were made. He spoke of gold, of Bordeaux, mixtures of blue and black color ... but what finally marked the winter and will continue to do? What we buy in the sales pitch to amortize during seasons? (The thing going for long). Yes, we know it is the oxblood red. Now see how to combine it with our usual clothes.

With black


And perfect. I have also a pamela felt in burgundy and one in gray and the felling me. A touch of sophistication to any look and in this case, color, looks like Madame Rosa.

With white


First it is necessary to say that this girl lives in Miami, and imagine your comments about what is the summery look. The skirt is not, not in vain is leather and the idea of combining it with a blouse white male either.

With oxblood


My favorite combination, I'm not half measures do you dare? The fact combine gloss and matte is also perfect. I repeated the tiresome and spoil Wedge sports but not everything can be perfect.

A plus, gold accessories. Feel great in this color, either a bag with gold applique or bijouterie and long chain necklaces.

Photos | Nanny , Preppy , Madame Rosa

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