Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sweaters that makes you want to hit them a snack, Enjoy!


There are days when one wants to leave the home seriously and go out with original and fun clothes. That same thought when I saw a post a few weeks ago on Betty's blog where she wore a sweatshirt with a giant donut's very own Homer Simpson himself. Perhaps not take every day, but maybe a weekend or to stay at home. I do not know, you know that likes the colors. So when I saw a company that is dedicated to capture photographs of all I could not do anything but take me this 'trend' (so to speak) with humor.

A day at the movies

My days in film laden calories usually go: burger, fries, popcorn and sweets. A combo for my body asking me such a delicacy in some occasions. And the signature smooooth brings all these ingredients in different models for the more daring. The truth is that they are, if not more, amazing and striking.


There are many models, though doubtless these here are the ones that most caught my attention. Thinking about snacks between meals?

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