Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ten New Year's Eve cocktail dresses: fixed but comfortable

hm vetsido cocktail

They note, feels the party is in the atmosphere. Soon we will be toasting with bubbly for the new year 2013, it certainly will not be unlucky, but quite the opposite. You'll see! Meintras the big day arrives, we'll choose 10 beautiful cocktail dresses for New Year's Eve managed to get a look, but our style. That is not a matter of dress because it is the day most of the year spree. To get a warm garment over you and complete styling!

Joy in the sequins and the gold

To begin, let the low prices of H & M. For less than 15 euros you have the typical black dress with bright detail that animates a bit. Daria looks as with a garment of hair above and get going really cute and captivating. The same price is this green sequined dress and blue backless.

hm sequins

The sequins, a classic. I like giving warmth and common sense to this Mango sequined dress combined with a parka with fur inside for warmth from the cold.

sequined Mango

Kate Moss also wears black sequins on this dress with three-quarter sleeves lookbook from Mango. A dress seen a thousand times, but she gets a status.

kate moss handle

If you want to become a little bubble of Freixenet (the day is best suited for it, really), you have this gold dress Zalando Collection for less than 50 euros.

Zalando gold

Cocktail Dresses at Zara

Zara is a recurring party dress, prices are around 50-60 euros and are dressed monkeys you can reuse. The problem: stay with bean face when a friend comes with the same outfit. We chose the black with white wheel (s really cute, however much it is a clone ), the stamped jewelry and bell-shaped, and green satin detail winger if we want Lanvin dream we wear one.

cocktail dresses zara

The sobriety of Massimo Dutti

And looking dresses for New Year's Eve I went to Massimo Dutti page thinking I would find the same old thing and see where you have been proposals that I liked, after adding a few appropriate accessories. And for less than 60 euros, to be the face of Inditex store, it's not bad. Very cool tulle skirt in gray and very cool and very warm velvet dress in the same tone.

Massimo Dutti dresses

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