Thursday, December 20, 2012

The celebrities already point to Christmas


A few days before Christmas, and celebrities are launching their best wishes for these dates and others, like the Kardashian family, and were eager to show the world your new greeting card much more festive than in previous years. However, many news we've had these days in Poprosa and you can not miss in this new summary. Ahead.

Some are preparing for Christmas and other relaxing

Let the Christmas music, even with the Angels of Victoria's Secret tune bad thing ...

What happens in the world of cuore? All!

drew barrymore people

One of children, couples, separations and a little of everything.

Any more little magazine?


Of course you do. Those that need.

Among Poprosa Awards and compilations of 2012


And finally, do not fail to vote in our polls Poprosa Awards and visit our collections of the year on celebrities.

And so far this review of the new from Poprosa. Do not fail to visit and Merry Christmas to all.

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