Monday, December 24, 2012

The expert blogger pastel tones, Annabelle Fleur

annabelle fleur

Blogs I do not usually result in inspiring overwhelmingly style. Or repeat the same looks at all or I are too perfect as fashion editorials. Viva Luxury, Annabelle Fleur's blog belongs to the latter category. She is gorgeous, and every look is careful to detail. Even so, although I do not feel at all identified or copy the look, I like to see how combining clothes. The truth is that it makes use of color (especially of pastels), is a feast for the eyes.

purple sneakers

The pastel colors (purple, pink, sky blue, turquoise green) are best combined with her ​​beautiful eyes.

pastel makeup

She lowers mixing with raw tones, with touches or neon. But to choose precisely the manicure so nothing clash and combine everything. Her looks are not easy to copy, is that these bloggers to fill the most luxurious brands of gifts and even if mixed with low cost, the label of many of the clothes is expensive.


What do you think your style? Cursi? Too Californian, or charming and perfect?

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