Monday, December 31, 2012

The latest to succumb to the blogger world is Monica Cruz ...


The Pe hermanísima Cruz, Mo, ​​back in the news today. Why? You may ask. Because this is the last famous blogger succumb to the charm and adds a point on your resume when you open a personal one. Under the name 'You look inside' the singer / dancer / actress wants to capture stories about their day to day, and not just related to fashion but to life in general.

As at the time did Paula Echevarría, Eugenia Silva and many more famosillas, Monica is the last to fall in the blogger world networks: one of the most enigmatic today. Well you hooked and can not get out of it.

I do not know what to expect of this page, or if I will continue regularly (all others no deep impression I have), although I admit that I have curiosity to see where you are going and what we proposed. What do you think? A great way to get in 2013?

Pictures | Your inside look
In Jared | Penelope Cruz, Spanish Loewe and pride
In Jared | Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz image of Agent Provocateur

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