Sunday, December 30, 2012

The lookbooks can help, do you fasten them to wear tonight?


What on earth shall I wear today? So start the day many of us. And tonight is goodbye 2012 and for the next year better than this must be perfect lived. But how? I've already squeezed all my ideas and I can not find the key to success. Will'm uninspired, I lack originality or all I have in the closet is now so I do not see that the idea to create a new look.

Well, for this I have walked by stores online to view their proposals and inspiration for tonight. And it is not necessary to release every day, by looking at what you are proposing is perhaps the bulb lights up and you can adjust the look with your clothes.


Gauzy blouse and pants, ladylike styles, tight dresses, a total blank look ... Now this is a dilemma! And is that sometimes with so many proposals one does not know what to opt. But if we want to go unnoticed, the total look in black is the best choice.


Although you can break the monotony of this color with some rhinestones on top.


But if you want to stand out from the others but not too ornate or go with a hard look, not complicate! The total look in black is the best choice.


And for those who want something different, glam and perfect, a fringed dress is the solution.


Do you like these looks will help?

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