Monday, December 24, 2012

The new bags (party) of Zara will bring you headaches, why opt what?


If last week I showed you the new collection of shoes (both flat and heeled) that inundated Zara in a few weeks, today I focus on his collection of evening bags. And they're going to bring more of a headache. At least to me, because I think I can not decantarme by one. The only problem is that this collection is based only on handbags, such boxes can not do that unless fill than necessary and indispensable: keys, cell phone and hopefully snuff (for those who smoke).

But still still love, and I love that ethnic touch air and they wanted to give thanks to the sequins, the colored strips and fabric blends. Yes, I like much, what I seem to you?


Are you going to be able to choose just one?

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