Monday, December 10, 2012

The pajamas perfect for colder days. Oysho wants us pretty at all hours


Christmas is coming and we are all wondering what we're going to put on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, the previous days, Christmas dinners at the office and so on. But you know my home comfortable and stylish? I do not, so sometimes (happened to me very occasionally thankfully) visits have come home late and I embarrassed my pints. But seeing the new Oysho lookbook for this December may expand My letter to the Three Kings.

Basic but perfect

And is that the basic pieces dominate this new collection with warm colors and nothing strident as beige, gray and white. Fleece jackets are no longer an item horrible, because in those shades and shapes to those not embarrassed to walk around with or without guest house (trusted, obviously).


In many ways this section of the collection where the warmth is the main character reminds me in some ways to the Catalan company (ultra expensive but delicious) TCN . What do you think?


An animal that you company

If you are from which you always want to be around pets, now you can do every day with these funny clothes where critters such as bears, rabbits and owls take all the center of attention. A carefree manner bedtime without falling into kitsch.



The sweaters (with or without hood) or may help you go outside, even if I have to stay with something I do with these slippers so horny and original.


For more flowery days

But if you prefer you from going to bed with floral print pajamas for this winter season 2012/2013 Oysho presents different models with this print in shades. Blue is one of them.


Even if I have to be stamped with a floral do this while the typical form 'leaves' of cashmere, I love it!


And if you want to get up with a message, signature models we propose several texts on their shirts.


What do you think these new proposals?

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