Monday, December 17, 2012

The styling tips that every fashionista must prove this Christmas


Proven is that Christmas is a time of successes but also many stylistic mistakes. As is the case with weddings, when we planted in front of the mirror with the freedom to make-up, dress, and behave in excess calzarnos often we are at a crossroads of directions without knowing where we are heading and lost in fashion trends.

At times we had, sometimes not arrived and no gps to tell us the correct route unless one can do with a Marchesa or Elie Saab Are not the order after all similar dresses? Do the makeup just refilled? The hairstyles long bows? ....

So this post is dedicated to how to be the fashionista queen on Christmas dinners, poinsettias and nocheviejas.

I Inconvenient??


Never! A fashionista never buy clothes that inconvenienced and comodida becomes more relevant than ever with the footwear, especially the longest night of the year when we danced until dawn. Platforms and heels widths allow us forget pain and enjoy until dawn with such a model of Zara.

Man Woman


I have fallen in love, at least on paper. Pull & Bear male leads the world with very special proposals. The final touch is the network on the face do we dare? Wear it with a mini and a bow tie is only for very very fashionistas.


Rebajemos some claims, although I must confess that I am the first look. Pull & Bear offers another way of being male, female and not as daring. Perfect pants and tuxedo blazer can look with a touch naive.

Woman women


What's more feminine than a petticoat to Scarlett O'Hara? These are Multi Molly for one of my favorite online stores, Berryfields.

Yes Peplum


Do you still say no to peplum? Try one with transparencies and color contrast as this wonderful dress Horus

Bows out


And please, the monkeys are totally outmoded. Let's try new styles with your hair, as Italians disheveled chignons's way or braids Brigitte Bardot everywhere as Whitney Port.

Point and brightness


Christmas Eve Eve fashion = contrasts. None of sequined epatar that apabullen staff or transparencies that show more than insinuate. This is the night to mix day and night, with glitter point, long and short. Ideal Primark's proposal that combines a thick wool sweater with sequin skirt.


If we mix the pompous goes with a tulle skirt is also great. Primark.

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