Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trends and garments samey, 2012

Military sneakers

Yes, that fashion is so cool, but when something gives us, is crazy, we got up in the soup. And there are fashion trends and clothing we have finished up their noses to see them too repeatedly. This special end of year deserves a review of the trends seen in 2012:

* The sneakers. We owe it to Isabel Marant, like many mmodas. The French know how to make garments coveted, desired, and low cost stores are responsible for copying high. The wedge of the shoe has been a plague of biblical proportions.

* The military jackets. August came, and Zara appeared two or three models of military jackets that swept among bloggers. If you had one, you were nobody, after the likes of Chiara shone in his blog. And of course, those who are very clever Zara, take a thousand different versions we all fall.

zara military jacket

* Sweatshirts Paris. The Mango must be rubbing their hands, like some of the clothes worn by Kate Moss in the lookbooks that became bestsellers. The Kenzo (and their clones) have also had their dose of prominence this year.

paris sweatshirt

* The mint green. Do you remember the spring? All were pastels, and especially, mint green, it became a mint corny to describe it. In fashion, if not renamed the colors we were not comfortable.

* The burgundy. Is that not what suficientemenete burgundy fine to call the garnet lifelong nickname it was better and burgundy. But did the oxblood (with brown tints) and the thing took on a new dimension.


* Neon tones. Another summer fashions samey. Those tones flooded fluoride supplements, clothes, manicures ... Like the raves of the 90s.


* The tacks. The start of the fall season has arrived in stores with a flood of tacks: shirts, jackets, pnatalones, slippers, boots, ... all have studs.

* The skulls. Years after the Alexander McQueen became fashionable, the street is filled with skulls and even between the manteros bags are skulls everywhere.


* The satchel bags. It was the bag that has ravaged this 2012, no doubt. Have been sold in neon shades in burgundy and studs. And so the circle closes trends of 2012.

Photos | Tissues and felings , Miss Patri , Andrea Jakeline , weinspireus , With or without shoes

Best of 2012 by Jared

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