Saturday, December 29, 2012

Two bloggers, one bag but with a huge difference. Are we talking about replicas?

bol_01 Veronica Ferraro VS. Chiara Ferragni

Every time I walk into a fashion blog I envy corrodes the veins: the assortment of handbags and shoes that come into my beyond me. Where do they get the money? I understand that some girls come from a good family, others who invest their profits in buying a great designer and sometimes receive gifts. But so many? And I've always been very badly designed (but long) I thought more of a throw of the famous world of replicas made ​​in China.

Obviously I'm not an expert in the field, so (and I'm not one to point fingers) always assuming things I speak, is never 100% confirmed. Just give a mere opinion and not wanting to offend anyone and I repeat, it's likely you are wrong. But a few hours ago I saw a picture of Chiara Ferragni on Instagram (I'm flawed to the program) and I've seen like this and your eternal friend-blogger Veronica Ferraro were going to the mountain, and both showed their bags Céline.

So far so good but do not you notice a slight difference between them? I do, hence my post. And in theory both are the same models of bags, so they should be the same, regardless of size (in this case the proportions would accordingly). But if you look black model does not have the same distance between the handles and does not match these tabs and zipper. As a picture is worth a thousand words, we only look at the blue stripes ...


If we enter the page Céline official website and look at the bag in question, we see that its proportions match the model Chiara Ferragni, but I have not found anything that matches that of Veronica.


Obviously maybe Veronica is a previous model and is an optical effect of the image, the fact is that it has made ​​me think of the words, all is not gold that glitters. And perhaps most of these girls 2.0 we try to put the long teeth every day with models of several thousand euros has cost them only a few hundred dollars.


What do you think about this? Do you think many of them opt for the Chinese market or are faithful to all firms?

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