Friday, December 14, 2012

What do you enjoy most about 2012? Vote for your favorites in Jared!

Milla Jovovich Marella Milla Jovovich for Marella Campaign.

But we have realized and firing 2012, a transition year for fashion, higher profits or red numbers grow, models that fail to make their year while others go to the bench, celebrities who show themselves, bloggers who exploit their 15 minutes of fame, firms and others are left wanting urgent need pampering, all linked to the constant dance of chairs in specific brands and designers. Now is your time to tell us what was the best of 2012, who was the best dressed, the best marc a ...

Hope your opinions from today until December 23, the day we closed the survey for the next day to make known your elected and rewarded.

You only have to fill in the blank text boxes with the name of who you like more. No need to fill in all the questions, can you please complete. And then at the end you give the button "Submit" and you're done, votes sent!

Who will be the winners? Any club?

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