Monday, December 17, 2012

What do you give my boy? Here are a few suggestions for all ages


Give to a child is a difficult task. While we have a myriad of proposals and small details, many very economical for them is hard to find a nice, top with good price. In this post I show potential classic gifts of all price ranges and for all ages:

Gifts for Executives


For a man executive gifts are best accessories will come to look at her every day, especially at work and in meetings. An iPad case, a briefcase, a card ... Burberry is a specialist in this type of profiles and lacking in detail.


To this we have to add simple, elegant scarves, ideal to match the suit, leather gloves and even umbrellas.


I can not forget the twins, a gift that I love to do both parents, boyfriends and brothers. Always keep at least one of wardrobe to wear on special occasions. Purification Garcia in several designs and economic, since its price range of 40 euros.

Purification Garcia twins

The classic court shoes Carolina Herrera is a perfect design for daily wear.

Shoes CH

Casual man

Seat PG Seat PG

If your guy is going to sport, one of the gifts that you like most sneakers are cute and stylish models nothing boring and outdated. The whole white are very successful, this simple model is signed PG popr sport. Abotinados Another option is carved in front, which combine well with jeans and shirt, perfect for all ages.


One of the trends we see are increasingly male slings. Lisas and without any details, just skin, are a hit for guys who prefer to keep all your belongings instead of a briefcase.

Bandolier CH

The belts on a gift very handy, but in my opinion something more original complementary, that's just bland. In PG's Sport the colors, leather and suede, so you can choose the one that best matches the style of your boy.

Tous Bracelet

If your guy is in favor of carrying accessories, a steel bracelet and skin is an attractive and economical gift. The price is 39 euros Tous bracelet.


Men Watches

Watches are the gift that more like a boy. Whether you ses father, boyfriend, brother or friend, is a guaranteed success. Collecting watches is common in children and have a Rolex one of his dreams, but that is a luxury gift and certainly for someone special and a special moment.

The variety is huge: steel or brass designs (my preeridos), leather strap or a sporty rubber. Tous or Lotus we propose these proposals whose price is around 300 euros.


How about an original gift?


A very original present that appeals to fans of speed is a sporty driving course in a circuit. If you can not have a luxury car, why not try it? Ferrari, Porsche, Mini JCW Challenge competition, Lamborghini, etc ... The price ranges between 235 and 390 euros depending on the car you choose.


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