Thursday, December 20, 2012

What is the news that has impacted you most in the fashion world this year?, The question of the week

Mr Simons

This year 2012 the fashion world has had several important news, especially numerous firms with new creative directors in front of them. Perhaps the Raf Simons for Dior? Or that of Josep Font for Jesus del Pozo? What is the most surprised you? So the question of the week is:

What is the news that has impacted you most in the fashion world this year?

We want to know your opinion and therefore, we expect you to leave your comments in the section Trendencias Answers . We hope your answers!

Question of the week

The question of the week: Have you thought about what you would buy if you won the lottery? Many readers agreed on the answer to the Chanel 2.55, Hermes Birkin and the Loewe Amazona.

Comcadadia it is very clear:

Input an Armani suit, a Loewe handbag and a plane ticket (first light) to somewhere far away and with good temperature, quiet to think I do with the rest of my life ...

Graciela Perez Moreno explains that:

Pay the mortgage! But in terms of fashion, my dream would be to have all legendary handbags: Chanel 2.55, Hermes Birkin, Lady Dior, Louis Vuitton Speedy, and Loewe Amazona Fendi Baguette.

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