Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What lights under your jersey? The more funky t the moment


Have you ever tried styling Curras you but you wear a sweater under the shirt disastrous? Total (think), nobody's going to see. And that's when you get to a crowded place and start to sweat like a chicken so you look forced to take off her sweater ... And your stylist is going to hell. So today we feature the long sleeve shirts more funky the moment, with a touch sport that also can function as sweatshirts. Are you going to decant for some?

They all have one thing in common: a touch yankee with stripes and letters both like (at least personally). So when I saw all I've fallen for, what do you choose?


  • Green striped black and white Gina Tricot, 14.95 euros .
  • Black with two stripes on the sleeves of Zara
  • In navy blue with white stripes Topshop, 52 euros .
  • Long sleeve navy and white letters Pull & Bear, 17.99 euros .

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