Friday, December 21, 2012

What we put in the bag for the holidays? Quick fixes but chics


Already a fateful with suitcases? 're Not the only quiet. I have friends that will take two days and bags so big that an entire floor could be there. Your problem is so serious that in summer they take a couple of wool sweaters just in case, or to go to grab Doorstep tank tops if you should heat. Do not kid yourself, this Christmas Take the bare minimum. How? Today we give you some inspiration ...

The urban chic for the city

If you're going from one city to another city, or simply stay where you are, perhaps the casual look is welcome. Fixed but casual, comfortable thanks to a flat shoe without a dash of style under the duvet. How? In these cases always opt for the jeans, the best allies.


  • Striped wool sweater from Zara.
  • Buckles Ankle Pull & Bear, 55.99 euros .
  • Maxi bracelet with rhinestone cross Grisly Only, 23.60 euros .
  • Sunglasses Oasap black pasta, $ 26 .
  • Paint worn jeans and Mango, 29.99 euros .

Mountaineers fashion

Are you one of those that will go to the mountain which pilgrim in search of fresh air and get in touch with nature? Then you need a good coat and a thick wool sweater, plus boots protect you either foot.


  • Isabel Marant Jersey Bershka style.
  • Ethnic bag type bag Claire's.
  • Jeggins Jeans Pull & Bear, 19.99 euros .
  • Military parka with fur collar Mango, 99.99 euros .
  • Biker boots from Topshop, 55 euros .

Thinking of a beach paradise?

And if you are the lucky ones this year, against all odds, he goes to a


where temperatures are high and must go scantily clad, it is best to opt for steaming clothes, comfortable flat sandals and accessories. The sunglasses can not miss, and bracelets to decorate your wrists.


  • Maxi print dress from H & M, 69.95 euros.
  • Clutch Zara multicolored straw.
  • Cruciani Bracelet Mars, 10 euros .
  • Audrey Sunglasses Celine.
  • Sandals Minimarket, 115 euros .

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