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Who were the privileged guests Castle Chanel? An exclusive front row

Chanel Metiers Darts

Chanel parades are carefully selected. The events of fashion speak alone to see who goes and who does not, what are the celebrities who are closer to the mark. In Chanel care this much detail and usually pick women from film, models and socialites of life with certain profiles more minority. At its annual meeting Métiers d'Arts moved to Scotland and to view the collection Paris-Edinburgh.

The top models of Chanel

Tennant Chanel Metiers Darts

Stella Tennant is one of the rights of Karl Lagerfeld eyes and not lost an act of Chanel. Androgyny likes the German designer, always so (insert your personal opinion). British model also comes highly favored in this look.

Chanel Metiers Delevingne Darts

According to the presentation and the event, Poppy Delevingne chose a dress with baroque is the dominant trend contrasts with the maxibotas between boxing and military style. Only I'll take the big long coat wearing, I love the metallic touch.

Maigret Chanel Metiers Darts

Not only popular models we see today but also other less known names among the general public and of Caroline de Maigret, of good family, of Maigret, with multiple appearances in Chanel, Dior and Maison Martin Margiela, among others. This time chose a tight dress mermaid cut and abundant hair coat.

Freemantle Chanel Metiers Darts

Anna Freemantle is another example of when you have some hanger how to make the most of. Provocative sexy long dress with transparencies and strategic side strips from one of the tops of these days.

Dellal Chanel Metiers Darts

And of course, Andrea Dellal, those 70s through the bullfighting today.

The film according to Chanel

Mouglalis Chanel Metiers Darts

Chanel at their parties usually have a large representation of cinema, particularly French cinema. A good support for the industry with names like Anna Mouglalis, black yesterday.

Casar Chanel Metiers Darts

Amira Casar should not think of the camera flashes or if he did not want to cut yourself transparencies of black chiffon dress.

Preiss Chanel Metiers Darts

Joana Preiss also opted for a taste of the layers and a very formal dress in white with gold embroidery.

Chanel Metiers Vikander Darts

Alicia Vikander brought youth from Sweden and was the simplest of the event with one of the famous pink Chanel blazers gum without great risk.

Sophie Chanel Metiers Darts

Sophie Kennedy Clark also followed the more conservative style with a warm coat and some shoes that I liked.

Zhou Chanel Metiers Darts

Zhou Xun chose a tweed dress like a proper look.

Those are always

Sieber Chanel Metiers Darts

Caroline Sieber can not miss a Chanel event, however it is one of the ambassadors of the French brand. In eta occasion was the most skated. NO nothing convinced me their style between the Arctic and the folk touch. Nothing.

Miroslava Chanel Metiers Darts

As Miroslava Duma , born socialite and fashion agenda commitments. Would you think it was beautiful?

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