Sunday, December 30, 2012

Will we see Kate Moss as hairstylist "X Factor"?


Miranda Kerr that he has taken over as the face of Mango for next spring-summer 2013 has been just a bump in the road for Kate Moss. The model succeeds Stuart Weitzman still image, has released his biography and it seems that his future is in television.

The king of musical reality shows have thought Simon Cowell British model as a styling adviser. It seems that the music competition is a bit in the doldrums and the presenter believes that the entry of supermodel would be a breath of fresh air. In addition, comments:

Kate could advise the contestants and give them ideas on how they want to be and also how to take care of themselves to help maintain that style for years to come.

The truth is that this type of competition leaves something to be desired in the matter of style, to sample the music programs in our country, so it would be interesting to see how Kate unfolds in such actions. What think you?

Via | Mirror
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