Saturday, December 8, 2012

With glamorous coats and so is my winter favorite!

batin gray coat

The coat is the centerpiece of the winter, primarily because it is the most visible piece of styling that hides all the rest. But there are a thousand different ways and bairgos mils do we keep all our style. We love the coats!

I love the look of Sasharussia with type robe and gray coat with hat. yes, must have feet that neither feels, but your outfit is so glamorous that I do not care.

With total look of Zara, style guide demonstrates that long black coats still have their point. I like it because I have a coat like a thousand years ago and has given me ideas to rescue him.

long coat

And this other coat Zara, I have not, but I think I'll run to buy it. I like the cut and color and I think supercombinable. An ideal look for an important date because it has all winter chic.

mustard coat

The truth is that Zara coats are succeeding in the street. The last time I walked around the store I fell a few. This black leather flaps is very modern, and The Petti Coat combines it divinely with this Zara skirt also decorated to Balmain.

zara coat

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