Sunday, December 9, 2012

Without your dress ideas for New Year's Eve? Get inspired by the famous dresses!

Sarah Jessica Parker

Calendar days pass and kick that desired perfect prom dress in the closet to look only at holiday time. We are going to give thousands of thoughts these days to dress party but always like to see what the famous dress in their parties for inspiration.

Glitz half leg

Sarah Jessica Parker

Depending on the type of event and profile as also the length of each half leg wins the first place these days, not only for the taste reiterated by the designers . Going to the party I'll take this idea of Sarah Jessica Parker to choose either a design by Vivienne Westwood. The glosses bring success.

But formal Baroque


So many thought this season Baroque is felt in party dresses . Of course if you are a designer behind Altuzarra rather should speak of another world. But not everyone can afford a Altuzarra that looks like Anne Hathaway clear. The idea can be extrapolated to other dresses: a baroque body and a simple black pencil skirt.

Looking star in the party


A Bella Heathcote recommend that you have had to choose the most attractive dresses to be noticed at parties and people to talk to her. A good idea and if you choose a designer with an unsustainable hype, as is Mary Katrantzou.

No dress, a suit


Faced with the idea or the idea youth most striking: a suit. The Atelier Versace picking Uma Thurman. In black, two-piece, three black buttons, fake pockets and wide pants in the fall. Perfect.

Youth festival


Already said yesterday, Elizabeth Banks was pretty good and very youthful in this dress by Rachel Zoe. A perfect idea for the party, with a short dress, near the knee, a full skirt in black formal but with minimal detail, in this case a row of buttons.


Another option is to opt for a more modern like Alexa Chung who chooses this Kenzo with low less flattering but more original.

Red Passion


Among black thought much too dark and sad in specific cases, better some color and intensity, a touch provocative in this passion with burgundy red that fits so well with Emmy Rossum.

In short leather


Leather can be one of the materials chosen for these holidays as this tight dress with cleavage of Elisabetta Canalis swimmer. More provocative without departing from the basic.

Formality long


Already for parties who request a formal and elaborate dress code, where short stays off the list long tube dresses can be worth as this eggplant color that looks Alicia Keys successfully and curves.

A monkey to get out of the routine


And the monkey? What site is for the party? Unless you're high, with a great guy and the monkey that looks like Catt Sadler (which is not so high) I would not recommend it or painting often be unsatisfactory because well they seem to be some remaining.

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