Friday, December 28, 2012

Wrong (in the streetstyle) is human but sometimes ...


I love following trends and how they are on the street. For my job I guess them many months, even years, in advance, but what you never could predict is how you can get to look. The fashion this winter is clear but for some bloggers seem a maze of stalls that do not work out.

That streetstyle is a global phenomenon that has allowed us to see looks from here across the world where it is summer or hot weather. No stockings, no coats but the same trends. The burgundy and peplum is one of them. What is wrong here? A peplum and pants set Strecht are fine but not for all silhouettes. Glowing sizes smaller than yours never feel good ...


Nothing else in the streetstyle guess that lack of experience, do not know, trying to be all over, all makeup at a time, all the accessories together. Over the years many things are disappearing, thank God.


Ayyyyyy young blessed youth. Who has not wanted to emulate a rock star, to be the most indie and grunge group and seem the most poor, free and dreamy? Cast the first stone who does not have pictures from past years to be scared and hide.

Photos | Nanny , Gloss fashion

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