Thursday, January 31, 2013

The "accessory" wherever heat queen


The bloggers are always from the manga outfits that leave me stone. One never sees on the street what they see on blogs but be there to hear. The ultimate accessory that look is spring as could be and I used it years ago and is looking forward to the heat invade us. loves (although not very wearable).

I would not miss this, Irina Shayk by Ellen Von Unwerth


Back in my early days in this blog I showed my admiration for Ellen von Unwerth . Sensuality and sexuality fotgrafiadas by a woman are always different, always better, and Ellen is the best. She portrays one of the covers of the magazine VS Irina Shayk, whom I did not expect to see in front of his goal.

The latest shopping rebates worth


I confess, I very little sales. The first week one day closer ground and discontent that besets me the body and helps me to an unwillingness total the rest of the season. The sales seem to have become the practice of "put this hook for me to buy it again." What a face ... but some items are saved.

Get inspired looks from Pre-Fall collections for this last days of winter


During the last month the companies presenting their proposals have been Pre-Fall 2013, these collections halfway between the winter and summer that can give us a clue as to where they will go in the future shots designer collection or serve drawer for this disaster. Do we see some ideas that we have left the Pre-Fall 2013 collections?

And after the landing of the white shoes, comes the invasion of white bags

handle bags Mango and white bags

Spring is coming and with it, we leave aside the dark colors and light colors giving priority to give us light and clarity after a long gray winter. But this year it seems that white is best, whether for clothing , shoe , and of course also for bags. Prepared for landing??

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: take out your masculine side


All seasons have designers who are committed to the masculine style in their waterside piece collection, but this spring-summer 2013 the boyish style is more fashionable than ever.

The blog Love Aesthetics is the mine of DIY


In the blogosphere increasingly find more bloggers who are dedicated to DIY or do it yourself. They are a way to recycle clothing or accessories that you no longer wear and save some money while you entertain yourself for a while. Love Aesthetics is one of them and it all possible.

What's your favorite trend for next season?, The question of the week


The shops are starting to fill with new trends for spring-summer 2013. We go forgetting coats and jackets and get into the days of sun and sand. Today we launched the question of the week on this topic:

What's your favorite trend for next season?

Remember to comment on Jared Answers is not in this post. We wait!

H & M increased its profit by 7% in 2012 while in Spain reduced Sales

Karl-Johan Persson Karl-Johan Persson, CEO H & M.

The distance between Inditex and H & M increases in the bag with the presentation of the accounts for the last quarter of 2012 by the Swedish company. H & M had a net profit of 5.287 million kronor (613 million euros), which is 1% less than the previous year in the same period. In Spain its profit fell by 5.7% compared with 7% in the benefit of its last fiscal year of its business worldwide compared to 2011.

Mango bloggers like both celebrities as what happened during the parade?


As you know, on Monday presented the 2013 Spring-Summer Parade of Mango in Barcelona 080, and obviously I do not want to lose. For if something is marked is fame really funky throwing parties. And frankly, exceeded expectations. Since early in the morning we knew something big was cooking, because in Instagram not stop the bloggers post pictures in the showroom that the firm got in the hotel where they were staying all. Sessions makeup, hair and photographs. Many photographs. The truth is that I love going to these events, because I just find familiar faces ...

Hermes gives a new look to their carrés with a collaboration with Comme des Garçons


Last November, the company announced its collaboration with Hermés Comme Des Garçons to create the collection "Comme des Carrés", a collection of six tissues that keep the aesthetic side of the firm but are driven by the view of Rei Kawakubo.

White Catalog Spring Summer 2013

Catálogo Blanco primavera verano 2013 Here are the pictures of the new catalog of White !'s new spring summer catalog 2013 White suffers from demure about looks and fashion trends, the truth is that my first impression was a little disappointing. The new catalog of White has new trends, but just lacks the risks and spectacle to which we are accustomed: (.

Among the new spring summer catalog 2013 are white stripes and white navy black, beaded necklaces, the ethnic print, printed bomber jackets, ...

Catálogo Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Catalog Spring Summer 2013

Catálogo Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Catalog Spring Summer 2013

Catálogo Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Catalog Spring Summer 2013

Catálogo Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Catalog Spring Summer 2013

Catálogo Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Catalog Spring Summer 2013

SuiteBlanco Spring-Summer season 2013. Romantic or scratched??

SuiteBlanco Spring-Summer season 2013

SuiteBlanco In recent years it has become one of the preferred low cost firmsa many as you thanks style has improved. And this is also palpable in much higher quality campaigns. Today finally show us your images lamarca sa campaign for Spring-Summer 2013 with a luxury protagonist: the supermodel Anne Vyalitsyna.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A star of a legend today versus nine and a half weeks who wins?


How she longed to know that I was one of the women protagonists of this style duel. No, not Jessica Chastain but she started. The saying that is the new Julianne Moore, is to be seen, I love Julianne, aeorpuerto not stop at the airport and shows how simple and look good. Another man walk in airports is a legend that lasts more than nine and a half weeks ...

Fashion blogs and 130: of the Golden Globes, Candela Novembre, Céline and DIY


New week when we bring you some recommendations of the Spanish blogosphere. This time we have a little of everything, insider fashion news, street style star and some other DIY .

Katarina Grey Fall-Winter 2013/2014: the young prospects are not urban legend, there!


For many stands have 25 years to start living the life, but for 25 springs mean Grey Katarina experience. And is that age has a resume so enviable that leaves most with open mouth. At least I left the last edition of the Fashion Week in New York where he presented his first collection. A young Catalan presenting a collection in the Big Apple? Are you kidding? And when I saw their proposals freaked: dreamy dresses of those who do not see every day. For many young designers start with transgressive proposals for attention, but she does not need any of that. As the flame without much.

Arranged but informal. How do they do them?


It is said that if a woman is splendid with jeans and a shirt, no elegance or fashion can resist. If he does well with a tracksuit, is something almost miraculous but not go so far. Jeans and shirts are aided and perfect for travel clothes but how celebrities wear them?

The coolest mom of the moment


I never thought when I got pregnant because I'm young and I have a lot for that. But I always ask the same question will I know my closet adapt according to my body? We constantly see girls who wear belly and are increasingly those current trends continue without the hindrance status. I do not know why firms relate horrible with pregnancy, so when I meet moms funky glad. And Hedvig Opshaug shows that his style remains at all times. Since we showed a couple of months ago my partner Fellow of fashion , and we reiterate it today.

+ Wardrobe wardrobe styling = perfect


I told you many times, but not get tired of repeating the wardrobe clothes are boring but necessary to achieve buy looks great, of honors and simple. And it's not like spending money on a white shirt when we buy something full of trend or black jeans when next we each ethnic print. But one day you wake up not wanting to get noticed and you realize that you left clothes saved the day as well.

Fantastic Company Spring-Summer season 2013: a touch flirty that you should never miss

Fantastic Company Spring-Summer 2013 campaign

A fantastic company season delights us with her ​​flirty dresses, signature star garment, we can see in this Spring-Summer 2013 campaign relizada outdoors. Proposals juveniles charged style.

Inditex buys Zara franchise in Finland, the business of self-expansion

Inditex headquarters

It is best not to have your business intermediaries, Inditex knows it, hence further promote the process of buying the franchises operating under its brands. In this case you purchased the Zara franchise in Finland Stockmann group ownership. In total, four stores in addition to the network of own shops all over the world.

Style Duel Australian actresses Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Yellow or red?? What color elegiríais for a red carpet? It seems that fashion colors are in Australia. Yesterday the awards were held AACTA Sydney (if you get lost among so many stands, there are more than awards Australian film and television), and there highlighted two great actresses of the country: Cate Blanchett, wearing a red sequin Armani Privé and Nicole Kidman, short and yellow.

Bershka Spring 2013

Bershka primavera 2013
Here's a preview with new clothes and accessories Bershka 2013 and is that little by little we know the news from Bershka for spring summer 2013. Do not miss the new dresses, skirts, pants, bags, shoes, shirts and more Bershka clothes and accessories.

The new 2013 collection Bershka nicely summarizes new trends and fashion clothing for next season. Bershka is targeted ethnic style, colors fluorine, to collars with beads and rhinestones, the pattern of stripes and polka dots in black and white, the new denim, metallic finishes, new pastel colors, ...

Bershka primavera 2013

Bershka Spring Summer 2013

Skirts and dresses

Bershka primavera 2013

Bershka Spring Summer 2013

Casual Shirts

Bershka primavera 2013

Bershka Spring Summer 2013


Bershka primavera 2013

Bershka Spring Summer 2013


Bershka primavera 2013

Bershka Spring Summer 2013

Jewellery and Necklaces

Bershka primavera 2013

Bershka Spring Summer 2013

Bags and shoes

Bershka primavera 2013

Bershka Spring Summer 2013

Jackets and sweaters

White Linen spring summer 2013

Ropa de Blanco primavera verano 2013 Stripes and ethnic print are the main novelties of clothing Blanco Spring Summer 2013. Do not miss this progress with new designs of White, I have selected the very best of the new jackets, dresses, skirts, pants and more clothes from the new collection of White. And you notice that there is a preview of the new White bikinis for summer 2013.

Take note of the new trends in fashion and clothing White:

Many of the new clothes and saw in the new catalog of White 2013 .

Ropa de Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Linen spring summer 2013

Jackets and parkas

Ropa de Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Linen spring summer 2013

Sweaters and cardigans

Ropa de Blanco primavera verano 2013

White Linen spring summer 2013

Tops and shirts

Ropa de Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Linen spring summer 2013

Pants and shorts

Ropa de Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Linen spring summer 2013


Ropa de Blanco primavera verano 2013 White Linen spring summer 2013


Do not miss the new White accessories spring summer 2013 .

Zara clothing spring summer 2013 preview

Ropa de ZARA primavera verano 2013 Many would like to meet the new clothing ZARA , Zara certainly has a lot of clothes that I want to have in my closet this 2013. But little by little we know news and ZARA clothing spring summer 2013, and this development will see the potential blockbusters ZARA. And the addition ZARA clothing fashion, is a leader in trends and style.

The new Zara clothing spring summer 2013 surrenders to ethnic print, also in oriental style, the jewels, the navy stripes, the black and white look, capri pants, ...

Ropa de ZARA primavera verano 2013 Zara clothing spring summer 2013

Coats and jackets

Zara bet oriental kimono cut, rhinestones and sequins also, and the ethnic print.

Ropa de ZARA primavera verano 2013 Zara clothing spring summer 2013


Zara for now has not released many dresses, but surrenders to the black and white stripes, a minimalist designs and wearing flight.

Ropa de ZARA primavera verano 2013 Zara clothing spring summer 2013


The most interesting of the new collection of Zara 2013 are their skirts with ethnic prints, beads and rhinestones.

Ropa de ZARA primavera verano 2013 Zara clothing spring summer 2013

Blouses and shirts

Ropa de ZARA primavera verano 2013 Zara clothing spring summer 2013


Ropa de ZARA primavera verano 2013 Zara clothing spring summer 2013


Alvarno congratulates Jared for our seventh anniversary. Thanks for joining us!

Jared Alvarno

Jared met seven years! How time flies when you enjoy your work every day with the hope of doing something new, to meet with an unexpected surprise and excite you at recess which dwarf with a ball. Seven years, and so happy that we walk. Seven years on your side in which we have not stopped to enjoy one of our passions: fashion. Seven years of Jared with the best gifts, as are your constant feedback, praise, criticism and laughter we share daily.

Alvarno congratulate us seven years

Alvarno Spring Summer 2013

"Seven years, a period". From Alvarno , designers and Arnaud Maillard Álvaro Castejón have given us this design developed exclusively for Jared, dedicated to all you do every day may continue so badly and joy.

From Jared are followers declared the design duo behind Alvarno, his way of dealing with fashion, their designs and their collections, as the last of the Spring-Summer 2013 , deserve any praise, so it is a great honor to us receive a greeting from you for these seven years old. Stay tuned because in a few days we will publish a depth interview with them is priceless.

Remember that your next show, which will see the next Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 will be held on February 18 at 20:00 . We did not lose detail from Jared.

Jared, seven years together sharing our passion for fashion

Designers, brands, bloggers, celebrities, fashion insiders, the latest trends, the best ideas of the low cost, the most desirable models, the gateway sets the pace for a type of fashion, street combinations to dazzle, the history of fashion companies that make it possible to enjoy our passion ... is impossible to summarize in one word all that means fashion for Jared.

During these seven years, we have experienced great changes in the world of fashion, a total transformation from low cost firms, the constant shifting of chairs of the great designers of the prestigious brands, the rapid pace of any trend, the famous converted in it girls and bloggers changing of fashion with his street style. Seven years go far.

Since I begin to walk our first steps back in 2006 until now we have lived a thousand stories, a thousand stories that have made our home Trendencias and something very special place where all the team of editors we are having fun with our work together to share with you, leyéndoos all your opinions and talking to give rise to new ones.

Seven years of Jared made possible thanks to you and all the effort and dedication of a team, both editorial, which you see every day on the side of the web and on your favorite items, like business, which see not, thanks the support and efforts of a great team working on corporate Weblogs and Social Media SL SL.

We have a thousand stories to share with you all this time what about you? Sure you have the memory of the first day you came in on Jared, this article will never forget the look that you loved and who better to forget, that you would buy the entire collection, your favorite commentator with which always you agree (or not), the famous that you would like to see every second, the designer that you would have as ... personal tailor ultimately Trendencias.

Thanks for being there for seven years! For a thousand more together!

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