Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 fashion purposes: Start the year with estilazo!

red dress

2013. Even if the number of bad luck in his name, 2013 will be a great year. And let's start it by stepping with the right leg and with the firm intention of winning in style. This will be our best year, and these proposals will help to make it so.

  • Daring with color. It can not be always be gray and black, with wide color range that is. Spring is also the perfect time to show off colorful looks. If you also add stripes, have a look totally fashionable.

stripes look

* Buy more Spanish fashion. No need to spend a lot, or go where ever (Zara, Mango, Bershka), but there are brands like Kling, Pepa Loves, Sister Jane, Uke, Sita Murt, Hakei, that will not be too much of money and are Elm, and other well-known that they are now expecting great Spanish designers to relaunch: Hoss Intropia with Miguel Palacio, Carmen March with Pedro del Hierro, Juanjo Oliva for Alvarno Elogy and Caramel, or Ailanto, now have own shop in Madrid and Barcelona.

Juanjo Oliva Elogy

  • Learn to mix and recycle what we have in the closet. It is not completely renew our wardrobe every season, but rescuing clothes we had forgotten and try new combinations that are bold, but they work.

shorts boots

  • More heels! I'm the first to look how comfortable for day to day. But they are sooooo cool and elegant looks with heels ...


  • The power of supplements. A tap is chic accessories, and you completely changes the look. Parts of the Sales of Mango.

handle rebates

  • Investing in beauty: a good haircut, a manicure in trendy colors, a good foundation, mascara for all ... Start the day with a good face.

* Buy what favors us and not what you get. Know your body and buy those clothes that enhance your strengths and hide your flaws. How well that fits Miranda Kerr skirt trend that skirt may not be made ​​for you. If you buy clothes that suit you, everyone will say how beautiful you are, and no matter how a garment latest trend.

blue dress

  • No fear of online shopping. If you have not launched by now, do it. It's a blast. Shopping comfortably without tails, at any time of day and is very easy to find bargains and unique garments.

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