Monday, January 21, 2013

A casual look for colder days


Being in the middle of January means going outside to brow covered with layers and layers of clothing. I hate having to add many items in my outfit (I get stressed at once) and especially the onion seem every time I go somewhere. But sometimes it's inevitable. Although it is too heavy to have to wear a lot of clothes, that is not synonymous with my less stylish. And they show us how.

The last thing you want these days is to go over heels (as if we did not have enough) so sneakers are a good choice. Here we can provide the casual touch we need and not removed to the overall style. We can choose a version glitter with hidden platform and smooth and discrete colors. Up to you!


Muted colors can be the protagonists of your daily outfit: black with gray and get a look that will not call a lot of attention but not cease to be better. I like the combination of both colors but is already very sight, what do you think?


But if you want to add a touch of color to your style choose colors that are in fashion this season. The electric blue and oxblood red are those at the top, do you dare to either of these two?


The cold and comfort do not impede my stylish!

Photos | The Blonde Salad , Sincerely Jules , Lovely Pepa , Le blog de ​​Betty
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