Monday, January 28, 2013

A class with style


A left school a while ago and at the time I do not miss anything less. In this time of examinations in which students wander like lost souls from death on the streets who has time to choose to be cute outfit? Well as you have it, a few tips for styling of the thing is very simple.


A more sporty touch another rock we can pass in style, comfort and speed. A shirt with a message, best-tinged American university and some cigarettes are sufficient if you accompany a fur jacket and plenty of attitude.


When is university seem to live in a permanent era pop. Black and white look and classic look that is so complicated striped trousers is risky but comfortable for hours and hours in a library.


Being a student and not having had a few All Star or Doc Martens is harder to be an entrepreneur and not have a suit. Pair it with everything, rejuvenate even the leopard.

Photos | Lina , Sugar , Madamme Juliette , Kendall

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