Friday, January 4, 2013

Advance of the Spring-Summer 2013 campaign of Bershka: California girls, we're unforgettable


I love that firms give us the exclusive fashion campaigns, and this time has been Bershka. And I loved his inspiration and the location of their images: the beaches of California. These palms so long, the sun of righteousness that while you burn what you love, people skating in Venice to Santa Monica and the girls wearing shirts very 90s with air navel. They all pray philosophy YOLO (You Only Life Once) and Bershka has wanted to point to the American dream.

This Free Charlotte has chosen as the star of these photos taken by Laurie Bartley. At the moment we only have a picture available, so we can open appetite, but from next week (January 8th) discover a video and more images. Wins! Perhaps the issue is already too exploited Californian but me and have me in love.

And it is certain that in another life I was able to walk every day in the streets of Los Angeles, for my love for this city that many consider it terribly ugly has me hooked. What do you think of this sneak preview?

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