Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Advances in the Spring 2013 Zara nails leave me,? Resist not to buy?


I'm running out of nails after seeing (other) advancing the Spring-Summer 2013 that on some days flooded all Zara stores. Moreover, I've eaten so much that now seem stumps. And this is trying to save (without much success) makes everything that I like it even more beautiful. One of star garments are again sweatshirts. This time with a new inspiration to Tiger Kenzo and famous and Kapow! 3.1 Phillip Lim.

While summer means heat, so the denim shorts are a must at any time. Blacks are favorites: with applications, embroidery or broken and imitation leather and maroon.


Although other garment star life but is increasingly triumphs over the miniskirt. For this new season will continue to see the ethnic prints based on many rhinestones (I can not even imagine what they are going though), lots of color and savoir-faire.


Even if you are mine and you can not buy anything for premiere thereupon, it is best that you take notice of your new selection of pants. Personally I have fallen in love with padded leather ones, but you can always opt for fashion bicolor or various pinto patterns. Just do what the trend skirt + pants not just seen.


Each season, the Spanish firm strives to present over a wide range of footwear. High-heeled sandals, ballerinas, slippers or sneakers. Do not miss a thing! And the large number of color makes this one of the most striking collections ever proposed. Which do you prefer?


As far as we can find handbags regards shopping bag or clutch. And necklaces will rage among all those who want to spice up your look.


What do you think of this new development?

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