Saturday, January 19, 2013

All trends in one cover: Harper's Bazaar me love again


When I speak of a new cover of Harper's Bazaar Spain seems concerned Groundhog Day. And I do not know if I have it and I do not speak objectively overvalued, but all the jobs that I look most interesting. And the latest cover for the month of February 2013 I have fallen in love. This time he caves in to the black and white and geometric shapes thanks to a model of Louis Vuitton.

The game of the garment with the background, the color of the slogan, and Ginta Lapina makeup I have fallen in love again. What can I do! For images and has become my favorite magazine since its inception. My weakness, the apple of my eye and my darling.

What do you think about it? Is there to much or is my crush that will not let me see reality? She says that love is blind and maybe that's what I get whenever they post a new cover, or perhaps is that the work is really good.

Yes or no?

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