Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Alvarno congratulates Jared for our seventh anniversary. Thanks for joining us!

Jared Alvarno

Jared met seven years! How time flies when you enjoy your work every day with the hope of doing something new, to meet with an unexpected surprise and excite you at recess which dwarf with a ball. Seven years, and so happy that we walk. Seven years on your side in which we have not stopped to enjoy one of our passions: fashion. Seven years of Jared with the best gifts, as are your constant feedback, praise, criticism and laughter we share daily.

Alvarno congratulate us seven years

Alvarno Spring Summer 2013

"Seven years, a period". From Alvarno , designers and Arnaud Maillard Álvaro Castejón have given us this design developed exclusively for Jared, dedicated to all you do every day may continue so badly and joy.

From Jared are followers declared the design duo behind Alvarno, his way of dealing with fashion, their designs and their collections, as the last of the Spring-Summer 2013 , deserve any praise, so it is a great honor to us receive a greeting from you for these seven years old. Stay tuned because in a few days we will publish a depth interview with them is priceless.

Remember that your next show, which will see the next Autumn-Winter 2013/2014 will be held on February 18 at 20:00 . We did not lose detail from Jared.

Jared, seven years together sharing our passion for fashion

Designers, brands, bloggers, celebrities, fashion insiders, the latest trends, the best ideas of the low cost, the most desirable models, the gateway sets the pace for a type of fashion, street combinations to dazzle, the history of fashion companies that make it possible to enjoy our passion ... is impossible to summarize in one word all that means fashion for Jared.

During these seven years, we have experienced great changes in the world of fashion, a total transformation from low cost firms, the constant shifting of chairs of the great designers of the prestigious brands, the rapid pace of any trend, the famous converted in it girls and bloggers changing of fashion with his street style. Seven years go far.

Since I begin to walk our first steps back in 2006 until now we have lived a thousand stories, a thousand stories that have made our home Trendencias and something very special place where all the team of editors we are having fun with our work together to share with you, leyéndoos all your opinions and talking to give rise to new ones.

Seven years of Jared made possible thanks to you and all the effort and dedication of a team, both editorial, which you see every day on the side of the web and on your favorite items, like business, which see not, thanks the support and efforts of a great team working on corporate Weblogs and Social Media SL SL.

We have a thousand stories to share with you all this time what about you? Sure you have the memory of the first day you came in on Jared, this article will never forget the look that you loved and who better to forget, that you would buy the entire collection, your favorite commentator with which always you agree (or not), the famous that you would like to see every second, the designer that you would have as ... personal tailor ultimately Trendencias.

Thanks for being there for seven years! For a thousand more together!

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