Thursday, January 31, 2013

And after the landing of the white shoes, comes the invasion of white bags

handle bags Mango and white bags

Spring is coming and with it, we leave aside the dark colors and light colors giving priority to give us light and clarity after a long gray winter. But this year it seems that white is best, whether for clothing , shoe , and of course also for bags. Prepared for landing??

It's a trend that I recognize that I have trouble, but I guess sooner or later, you'll end up seeing the finish point and succumbing. Fashion is well and although it says "this fashion is not for me", I always end up eating up my own words.

And extensive collection of handbags Furla in white, in all sizes, shapes and textures, I will gradually convincing. Those who have finished punching seem ideal for the summer.

furla handbags

In Furla, lady version, and IKKS In rock version, with fringes included. Oh, now I see that I'm a white bag encaprichando.


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