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Bankruptcy autumn-winter 2012/2013, the Spanish fashion in court

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After many campaigns, after much marketing, events, parades, famous ... at the end of the year only one thing: the bottom line . Positive or negative?? The proof of the million, the proof you have that dreaded preceding bankruptcy this week turns to another Spanish brand as Farrutx, which knows these procedures for having lived closely with their previous suppliers. Spanish fashion is faced with overcoming a difficult economic situation has led many companies to go through the courts for this autumn-winter 2012/2013.



The company belongs to Alpstar Majorcan origin Capital, a Swiss investment fund that bought the brand in May 2011 under the 2010 Investment Company Vert, which is now declared insolvent as reported by El Diario de Mallorca . Farrutx, therefore, looking for a new partner is made with a mark of career longevity. This was established in 1982 and has generated a great name behind thanks to the quality and care of your shoes for men and women.

Currently Farrutx has its factory in Italy following the closure of its suppliers in 2008 but looking back to Spain, possibly to Alicante, according to statements by Daniel Cardoso, CEO of Vert Investment 2010 to Diario de Mallorca. Failure to achieve an equity partner give viability to the brand, taking over the corresponding debt and subsequent growth.



Hakei filed a voluntary bankruptcy creditors last October 2012 with a debt of 8.5 billion euros, according to information Modaes . This case highlights one hand the recognition of debt and finding new partners while on the other hand Hakei still has an expansion plan that will enable future settle in other international markets and bring down the importance and market dependence Spanish in its income statement.

Today Hakei has twelve stores in Spain, scattered Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastian, to which must be added the respective spaces in El Corte Ingles, plus an entry into France via Galeries Lafayette . The brand, created in 2003, is located in a great time with the public and if you can find a partner to pull ahead surely that we will expand in Europe.

Victorio & Lucchino

Victorio Lucchino

Victorio & Lucchino lived a bankruptcy application against them in July 2012, rather than speaking to ignore Cinco Dias said , but a few days ago, on Jan. 16, the pair of designers took the step and submitted on a voluntary creditors to stop payment of two of its subsidiaries, V & L Sewing, Fashion Design and Fashion Heritage SA and SL.

The economic crisis is the main justification, according to a statement from the firm itself, which is not going to give up and will look forward. The activity of the company remains "normal" even be uploaded to the next edition of the Madrid Fashion Week.

The Victorio & Lucchino debt could be around 15 million euros as El País , although the company has denied. Added to this are several liens amount of 5.3 million euros, as we read in the five days in his day: their own shop on the main commercial street of Seville and floor Boteros street located in the same city.

Devout & Lomba

Lomba devout

Modesto Lomba, president of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain ( ACME ), Applied in late November 2012 a voluntary bankruptcy creditors in addition to seeking the solution in outsourcing your workshop towards Galicia and Madrid after the dismissal of four of his five employees of the workshop in the capital.

Meanwhile, one of the cutters Modesto Lomba sued for non-payment of 5,000 euros, according to 20 Minutes , and his former secretary declaring Vanitatis that Lomba owed ​​him 50,000 euros. Like V & L, Devout & Lomba still parading on the catwalk normally ex Cibeles and seeks to recover the viability of your project as soon as possible, relying on its line of jewelry and home, among other fronts.

Elio Berhanyer

Elio Berhanyer

Elio Berhanyer also passed in 2012 by the creditors' voluntary bankruptcy because of their Iberian Berhanyer Elio society. The previous fall investment group AB Design and Fashion, with other creditors voluntary bankruptcy two months earlier, hit the last bit Designer business.

In October last year, the Commercial Court ended the company that managed the firm Elio Berhanyer ordering the opening of the liquidation phase, as reported Europa Press .



Skunkfunk entered bankruptcy in November 2012. After ERE about 19% of its workforce seeks to boost its growth and according to statements by Mikel Feijoo, founder of the company, Modaes are close to doing.

The fashion business casual and sporty look could exit bankruptcy in which lies the Bizz-Hectic, which controls Skunkfunk, next February. Again, the hope is the international channel, with Brazil in mind and with other countries in which to bill more and not rely on the Spanish market, where they have 10 stores and multibrand spaces.

Fun & Basics

Fun & Basics

If no face both within Spanish fashion Fun & Basics serves to bring up the example of the phoenix. The firm is back after his funeral with final appearance in April 2012, closing all its stores after its second bankruptcy.

Late last year resurfaced Fun & Basics by the Galician company Mar de Moel, business licenses brands such as El Niño or Everlast. Now it remains to see how the next steps of a brand that came to have a number of stores and spaces in the English Court.

In line with this should read my companion article published in Alejandro González Nieto Salmon's Blog: " In Spain there are few controlled bankruptcy ".

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