Friday, January 4, 2013

Becomes ascetic Christian Dior for summer, Raf Simons continues to transform the brand

Christian Dior summer 2013

Christian Dior S / S 2013 ... now for Nintendo DS3

What I could laugh while reading this comment in the forum The Fashion Spot . Of course I needed after seeing the new Spring-Summer 2013 campaign of Christian Dior. This installment is no more to add to the list of fast moving consumer advertising. It is the first campaign that comes out after the signing of Raf Simons by French firm (the winter 2012/2013 was already closed when he arrived). A new installment to examine the correctness or otherwise of the Belgian designer, like his first haute couture collection .

Christian Dior summer 2013

The first feeling is to think that this is not Dior. The second is to say. The third is thinking the same thing this is cool. The fourth is back to Jil Sander. The fifth is to stay at Jil Sander. The sixth is perhaps not as bad as it was cool Jil Sander. The seventh: ya but do not talk about Jil Sander speak of Christian Dior and bring the same feelings as being two marks opposite is rare.

We've gone from sometimes unnecessary ostentation and without previous campaigns like recent Christian Dior, said winter 2012/2013, for example, to clean that I like more and more style conveys. Although the truth, I have not been anything follower of the campaigns of the French firm and this facelift to something more modern, clean, austere and even boring, not minimalist, because it's not that, might even like it.

Christian Dior summer 2013

If two facing sides stand in the old image of Dior in the campaigns against the new I'd choose the latter. Now, I'm not Christian Dior client so I do not look at me as a target audience. Here a woman look modern and stylish as well before they escaped with older campaigns. If Raf Simons shots go around either.

Christian Dior summer 2013

A Willy Vanderperre was brought him of Jil Sander, where major campaigns left us to deal with photography. It features high-end models such as Daria Strokous, Diane Marie Piovesan and Conterato.

Nintendo DS3 or not, Christian Dior and Jil Sander. What is obvious is that Raf Simons is doing and undoing Dior to taste. This has only just begun, let's sit down and see how it ends up being the French firm.

Christian Dior summer 2013

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