Sunday, January 27, 2013

Can you be the best and worst dressed in one day? It can be


She can and she is none other than Jennifer Lopez who walks with the young palm Casper, a ghost who has nothing and appear together here and there. Sometimes ideals sometimes frightening.

I liked his monkey red silk, color and cut. Look a monkey is difficult for curvy silhouettes, because she has known how to choose. My stylist advice: always carrying your waist belt to adjust and not make your figure in a straight line.


Now, when we come in red carpet plan in such events as when a client tells me, I amaze at the party or in the premiere, she chooses winding roads, and transparent and make blunders. Good thing I'm not alone to think .

What is missing and what you have left this Kaufman Franco dress? Sy has plenty apretura lacks transparency and elegance.

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