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Chiara Ferragni be called Willy Fog. His 2012 travel summarized

chi_01 Some looks from NY Fashion Week in February'12

Today we end the year, and if we look at these 365 days we have things sure to highlight major accomplishments nuetsra-career or personal. One of the things I love most in this world (besides my family, friends and fashion) is able to travel, and every day I try to save something for tomorrow to go. I have the good fortune to be able to keep doing it and every year I find myself discovering a new city. But Chiara Ferragni is a point and part.

And the most famous internet girl and fashion do not think you know how many cities have been in this 2012. And they are so many that oneself is discounted. Several times in the United States, Africa, Korea ... Want to know more?


The most amazing part is that does not have a quiet month. The minimum is to go a couple times a month, but sometimes makes each week is at a different point on the globe.

chi_02 Dubai, Florence, Berlin, Rome and Barcelona


As good fashion victim is not lost even a fashion week. And New York is his favorite city, during this 2012 have been several times it has moved to the Big Apple.

chi_03 During Fashion Week in New York


From Paris to Thailand, and from there to Rome. What could be better?

chi_04 Paris, Thailand and Rome


Obviously there are travel related. Well i will go to the Coachella music festival is as normal as you finish in Palm Springs and you pass in Los Angeles and Santa Monica (the coastal part of LA). Envy maximum when moving to my favorite city in the world. My anger is rising ...

chi_05 Piacenza, Coachella Festival (California), Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Santa Monica


For it is a quiet month to travel only a few times, and May could say that it was not bumpy. Paris (again) and Lake Como were his two starts.

chi_06 Paris and Lake Como


One of the most significant travel this year has been to Uganda by the hand of Tommy Hilfiger. There tribes showed us the way of life and fabulous images full of color and life. But since the arrival in June represents heat did not hesitate to travel to Mykonos (from the hand of Louis Vuitton) and Florence (again).

chi_07 Uganda, Mykonos and Florence


July meant traveling from Italy to move to Barcelona to attend the parade Mango later this month and start your adventure by the U.S. ...

chi_08 Barcelona, ​​Sestri Levante, Puglia, Portofino and New York


In August I reached the hairs day in and day out. And the blonde made ​​the trip of my dreams: to go from coast to coast in the United States by car.

chi_09 New York, Chicago, Texas and Bryce Canyon
chi_10 Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and San Francisco


This month means returning back to New York (for the third time this year going) to attend Fashion Week in NY and see first hand all collections Spring-Summer 2013.

chi_11 Some of his many looks during FW NY


October was a month of more transfers: from Paris to London, then to Ibiza, Russia and Brazil. What could be better?

chi_12 Paris, London, Ibiza, Moscow, Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro


In Brazil the blonde turns back for the fourth time this year to New York to attend the Victoria's Secret, rested a few days away in sunny Miami and met for the first time the city of Seoul (Korea).

chi_13 São Paulo, New York, Miami and Seoul


This month has been most little calm ... And Chiara has just traveled to Los Angeles (agr!) and weekend to the Italian mountains for skiing. Many projects and studies have shown that this girl is the most important moment in your career.

chi_14 Different looks for its passage through the

Only I can say that at the end of this post I'm exhausted mentally. I really do not know how your body endures many hours on a plane, schedule changes and weather. At 25 years has been virtually worldwide. Which countries visit in 2013? Is Argentina? Does Mexico? Holland?? India?? We can only hope ...

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