Friday, January 18, 2013

Cloned and plundered: but the years pass, the classic sign followed by cloning


It seemed impossible but (thankfully) and we have come to a Friday more. And that carries the cloned and look at the plundered: the low-cost firms never resting to draw on other and give us new versions of classics that do not go out of style. Yes, there are clothes that when firms launch them know that they will last over time, and an example is Chloé jeans launched in the Spring-Summer 2010 with patches. H & M quickly drew his version, and not until today that Zara has done the same.

The difference? The originals were boyfriend and these are skinny and marking curves. What do you think? But the legendary classic called Balenciaga Motorcycle bag. Is one of those bags that you buy it as an investment and you home with everything. But its price is not home with nothing, so Gina Tricot has launched the exact same. Yes, of much lower quality, and its price.


Which do you prefer?

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