Friday, January 4, 2013

Cloned and plundered: start the year with a good clone (of super-low-cost to low-cost)


When we cloned and mark appears always caught no mercy in the art of cloning. That is, without doubt, Zara. Everything that we see on the runways, in a few months what we see reflected in Zara stores at a price payable, so if you like what you buy. But today we opened the post with a clone to a low-cost firm to a more low-cost. Zara and Primark. And this season is that we saw in the young Trafaluc had a striped jersey short sleeve neck full of spikes.

If you liked but did not get time to buy it, or you're with the fly behind the ear and make her want you to know that Primark have released the same model. Exactly the same: there is no difference and sometimes I've come to believe that it was the same brand and I was wrong.

And if you woke up that afternoon with Mango sweatshirt and No. 1 Paris , now you can find a version that will appear in Shana. Although I must admit that I prefer the original thousand times better than nothing, right?


What do you think the clones of low-cost firms today?

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