Monday, January 21, 2013

Copy the look of Jessica Alba for spring 2013


The celebrities are always in the spotlight: look at their looks and often we want to achieve. But of course, they are stars and their clothes untouchables (as far as price is concerned). But that does not discourage us, on the contrary, we must serve as a source of inspiration to achieve something similar in our daily life. Take it as a game and come out winning. And we practice our skills with starring Jessica Alba. And she's cool, and looks more.

And looking, searching I found this picture of it a few days ago where we showed a look of most spring. Something easy, simple and very copyable. Ideal for a day of shopping, to go to work so casual but correct and for those days where you have gone to your head style. Does not take much and the result is superb.


Are you going to implement?

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