Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Culture Chanel exhibition that unites the fashion, art and ballet continues to conquer China

Coco Chanel

Chanel Culture Chanel exhibition will move its the Guangzhou Opera House, located in Canton (or Guangzhou in Chinese), after visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai China. An exhibition in which the French firm focuses on its relationship with art, especially the work done by Pablo Picasso for the ballet Le Train Bleu in 1924.

Culture Chanel

Our companions Fararazzi inform us with details of the Chanel exhibition with a selection of photographs and curiosities about.


Serge Diaghilev's ballet, with all the artists who make and build such an environment, is a major influence for Coco Chanel which then moved to the brand. This exhibition is divided into five acts pieces collected over 400 photographs, drawings of Picasso or Modigliani, books, fashion creations, jewelry, among other precious objects, with the intention to put into context a key historical moment for the world fashion and society in general, since the change of the French firm have an effect on all fronts. An exhibition at the height of a great brand.

Chanel dresses

Chanel is making constant efforts to improve the culture of your firm among the Chinese public, one of the clear challenges by 2013. Nearly 1,500 miles separate the two main cities and major business centers in which Chanel looking to grow even more. From January 16 to March 3 will be in Canton.

chanel picasso

chanel dance

chanel sketch

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