Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Do not hesitate, if you have to go to London Primark stop by! These things here never see the light


We continue with these collections which give a lot of anger to release, because you know that if you go to England or Ireland ever going to have in the closet. And is that Primark collections in these two countries and not step on Spanish soil molan galore. And always with that price so irresistible that makes you take the whole store and your bank account will not suffer as other brands.

Although we know that the quality here is not anywhere.

With trendy gone to his head

One of the items I like to buy in the big tent they have in the English capital (the Oxford St.) are the dresses. And if the hot season is about to start then my madness grows to new levels. How? 12 euros for this? Floaty dress? Pónmelo in all colors. Thank you.



In bright colors, different shapes and back necklines. Variety is the spice and variety in that store there for a long time (every time I go I spend many hours selecting).


But not only monkeys live signature dresses: baggy pants type, bold prints, basic t ... All I think comes together in one place.


One day sport (or more) you have any

But like everything, there is much more risky clothes if you know how to combine great can sit or disastrously wrong. Yes, that's the type garments sport where animal or sweatshirts prints mingle with other garments 'simple'.




The sweatshirts have been one of the star items this past season Autumn-Winter and promise being followed for the next Spring-Summer 2013. In pastel colors, this piece can be your favorite for the season where the cold polar disappears.


And we know that the black and white and stripes, two trends are going to be widely used and very mixed in this coming season. How could it be otherwise, find garments with both ...



The cowboy is one of the most beloved fabrics everyone. It not only comes in pants and jackets, shirts, skirts and accessories also have been caught in this tissue.


I do not know if the end of work overalls, but if you are of that makes it a little grace can not let him go for a fortune along the way. What do you think?


Washed, faded or tacks. You choose what goes with your style.


What do you think of this lookbook that ever set foot on Spanish soil?

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