Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fashion blogs and 128: the catch-all need


It miçércoles, and as such we have an appointment with the Spanish bloggesfera for discovering new blogs or reviewing those we like.'m Very nosy, I love being aware of all hourly and I just love the pages where bloggers give us an little of his day. Guess that's it (and vocation) ended up being a journalist. But if I could study a new profession that would be the fashion design. Every day I imagine I'd have clothes in my closet, but no shop (low-cost) that idee. And I dream and succeed hacérmelas myself what Isabel Marant.

I do not think that day comes, then d etrás computer and typing non-stop and I get busy. But the thorn me out I'm reading the blog of Cristina Drummer : a future designer has me crazy. Each time you publish any of their designs leaves me with my mouth open and there is nothing to be in your way. What do you have to design a suit 4 year old girl? Here you go. A wedding dress for herself? In a few days it is ready. And so I'm falling in love more and more of their designs.

Although to relive crushes that whenever we are in sales time. Do not you ever happened to go to a store to look and end up with 10 bags full of bargains that perhaps you've never considered buying? Funny how we see an article by price: if it exceeds 50 euros do not pay attention, but if your rebate is over 70% We rushed to her and see with eyes of love. All these situations can be found in Charls-closet , do you feel identified?


Are many I've met through your comments, Instagram and Twitter. And therefore increasingly use longer read my entries that I find the most interesting. A clear example is that of Miss' thoughts that raises the evolution of fashion and how it girls and bloggers made ​​radically change our thinking. There are people who by them is able to splash in a bag simply Miroslava Duma wearing it, and do not stop to think if you really like it or not. What about the detail of the white socks? It used to be synonymous with weekenders, cool girl now.


Culinary tips

And one of the things I like to read are personal recommendations of restaurants. One thing is to read it in a magazine or newspaper in office where most of the time they put into the air and then ends up being less. But if recommended by a person on foot is another matter. I love when you smile , with that name and if want to go and what shows is a new restaurant in Barcelona. Pepa Tomato is the recommended place and me that table football and love me.


And who also keep track of recommendations is to Xènia Barcelonette : Each week we discovered the most in the city. This time the venue is called Kilo: a restaurant decorated by Mr. Wonderful.


What do you think?

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