Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fashion blogs and 129: the bloggers more "chic"

The Glamourai The Glamourai

Fashion blogs section and each time I like. I admit I'm not a regular reader of fashion blogs but when I have a bit of time trying to catch up. Today I bring you some of the fashion blogs I discovered recently. Maybe many of you and know, but for which no hope you like a lot. It is always interesting to extend our blogs header.

am land

A blog that wakes me curious is the Ams la la land . A blogger from Poland who has a very special style, a bit gloomy, gothic and trash.

sara hevia

A blog that follows a special charm with its protagonist, Sara Hevia . Not updated very regularly but has a glamorous style and charm. One post that I like on the day of your wedding.

Sea of ​​Shoes

I imagine many of you know the blog Sea of Shoes, but since I'm slow with the theme blogs, I just discovered. I love not wearing clothes too but she is cute and reminds me a lot of a muñequit a. In your blog you will find many looks and shoes and more shoes.


The Glamourai has become one of my favorite blogs. impeccable outfits and posts about the work of the author who is a stylist. I like to discover egobloggers that not only show dedicated to her outfits.


Another of my favorite bloggers since it is Lovely By Lucy , one of the bloggers we like to Jared. Lucy has a very casual chic and current.

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