Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fashion blogs and 130: of the Golden Globes, Candela Novembre, Céline and DIY


New week when we bring you some recommendations of the Spanish blogosphere. This time we have a little of everything, insider fashion news, street style star and some other DIY .

Adrian Salvador, evergreens designer continues to tell us their day to day in New York through Grett Lady. In his latest post he talks about his work in j. Preparing Mendel dress Allison Williams at the Golden Globes, the New York singer Maia Vidal and their latest findings in the Big Apple.


Every day new stars are born of street style. Outside the circle of Miroslava Duma and company find Candela Novembre , a model who lives in Milan Argentina and works for the Italian edition of Grazia.

Celine is preparing for a new it bag. After Trio, of which we saw a few days ago DIY Comes the bag rolled Trio.


And speaking of "Do It Yourself" Miss Monica at the beach brings more ideas DIY piece of cake and need no explanation.

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