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Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe with a beautiful Keira Knightley

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

You know what we like in Trendencias fashion film. And I'm sure this post I'll love thanks to the fascinating costumes for the film Anna Karenina.'s Responsible for it is the designer Jacqueline Durran, who received his third Oscar nomination for this impeccable work (the previous two were for Atonement starring Keira Knightley. Beyond Passion and Pride and Prejudice). now, with Anna Karenina not leave you indifferent.

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

Although the story takes place in the second half of the century XIX , The director Joe Wright asked the costume designer Jacqueline Durran that gets close to the style of the 1950s keeping the typical silhouette of the 1870s. The result is a flawless, full of wonderful dresses, feather headdresses and sophisticated nets and spectacular jewels.

As in other films, Jacqueline Durran, and his assistants Sarah Greenwood and Ivana Primorac jointly decided the color palette. Durran and Ivana also take care of the hair and makeup in connection with the costumes and characters. Of course the manager always takes part in the first dress rehearsal.

The protagonist: Keira Knightley

Anna Karenina

Keira Knightley is the star of this film, which once again is beautiful. Anna's costumes fancy, according to its position within the Russian aristocracy who dresses to the French. The designer studied the drawings of Balenciaga and Dior, and period photos.

All skirts Anna (Keira Knightley) correspond to the way it had in the 1870s, but the bras are more suited to the 1950s, like jackets.

The idea seemed great because Joe couture 1950 was based on an earlier era. We studied fashion drawings of 1870 and found that although 80 years have passed, fit perfectly with the 1950s, "explains Jacqueline Durran. In our mind, the fashion of 1950 is associated with elegance, which went perfectly with the idea that Joe wanted to communicate to viewers

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

Her wardrobe is just spectacular. Anna tends to dress in dark colors like burgundy dress that goes to the top at home. The lighter shades are falling in love with Vronsky, but we return to dark colors as his paranoia grows if the count stops loving her.

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

Among its many highlights costumes sumptuous taffeta ball gown black with Vronsky and captivates the Muscovites. In dancing, Keira Knightley wears diamonds worth two million dollars provided by Chanel for shooting. I love this stunning piece.

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

The bodice with asymmetrical closures style of 1950s, a touch of tulle around the neck and a tail in the crinoline collection are present in three of their costumes: the cream colored dress that gets to go to the living area, dark red dress and dark blue leads in races (with a denim bustier).

Anna Karenina

Jacqueline Durran, who had dressed the actress in Pride and Prejudice and Atonement: Beyond passion, tells us that:

It is very easy to dress Keira because she is always willing to help and offer valuable suggestions

As for the hairstyle of the protagonist, is dark loops (the director wanted it to be different from the other female characters), and makeup is very natural and simple.

Anna Karenina

A curiosity, as in Atonement: Beyond passion, Seamus McGarvey he replaced Dior stockings on camera lenses as a filter to get a great effect on the skin of the actors.

The dancers

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

The dancers that appear over and over again during the scenes in classrooms, evening dress and dances faded pastel colors that symbolize the decadence of society to which they belong.

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

The servants, played by dancers, moving from one scene to another in silence as an invisible presence, as actually happened then. They wear vintage clothing in shades of gray.

The women wear

Fashion Film: Anna Karenina's wardrobe

All the ladies wore hoop skirts to give volume to the skirts. In fact during the movie we see the protagonist wear one. In addition, Joe Wright suggested to the designer who some of the characters were reminiscent of a Geisha have so moved designs to the 1870 Japanese ideas and turned back to high fashion of the 50s. Taken as reference to Balenciaga, who had a strong preference for type kimono collars.


The two men in the life of Anna have very different styles that reflect your personality and position in Russian society. The colorful uniforms of Count Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are based on those worn in the time and are light blue or all white. Karenin suits (Jude Law) have their origin in the late tsarist uniforms XIX , But with a simplified design that reflects their power and social status.

Premiere of the film in theaters on March 15.

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