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Golden Globes 2013: accessories and jewelry that triumphed on the Red Carpet


We continue by looking at the red carpet for the 2013 Golden Globes , and these awards is that they can do more. And not everything is to choose the right dress or hairstyle and makeup, now we will focus on handbags and jewelry for celebrities. Pieces of emergency that could feed half the world and seemingly impossible. Brillantes, gold, sapphires and much savoir faire in each of its parts. Which do you choose?

Jeweled and godliness

One of the most beloved and jewelry used in this type of event are outstanding. And it is with that clear face hairstyles need something light to our face. And so the famous decide to use the best jewelers for such acts: Cartier, Chopard, Harry Winston or Chaumet are some of the names that never fail in it. Last night some color matched parts: the turquoise were chosen by Salma Hayek and Alyssa Milano.


The pink tones of rubies triumphed last night in all kinds of styles: long, oval or clip type. Each model was over the next making them real goddesses were above the Red Carpet.


Even if I have to be with a model to do with Naomi Watts who combined her dress in red tones of Zac Posen. What do you think?


Although they never fail and are a safe bet are the best friends of women: diamonds. While Eva Longoria opted for a simple circular pattern, Julianne Moore argued for a spectacular cascade of diamonds.


Adorning the Neckline

Very few celebrities wanted to decorate your neckline with a collar. Among them are Jessica Alba in a pavé diamond necklace and diamond dangling tears or Zooey Deschanel with a simple and classic pearl necklace that emphasized her final outfit together with her ​​earrings. What do you think?


Not without my clutch

And if the jewels draw breath more than one, the clutch are the bane of many. For this type of evntos the most used are the type box (basically) do not serve to bring nothing but give that finishing touch to styling. Type in pavé diamond jewelry or gold satin Prada, they are infallible.


The color black is the most contested and serve more than one occasion. Marry almost everything and almost always presented with gold.


Although many of them opt for some risk and opt for bright colors or different materials. An example? The model in bright pink and snakeskin Hayden Panettiere or coral color feather of Jessica Alba.


Although for different that of Alyssa Milano: oval in black leather and leopard head with gold chains hanging. What do you think of his choice?


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Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet in Jared

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