Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Globes 2013: all afraid to be on this list ... Who deserve the worst dressed award?


They spend months looking for the perfect dress to shine on the red carpet and many of them stand out for how bad they were. And he has, when an event of this caliber always have the list of the best dressed and the worst. And all appear to suffer from it, although some seem to do so on purpose. Bad combination of makeup and hair with the dress, wrong choice as far as trends are concerned, a result too heavy ... They can be many factors that make this day the style is conspicuous by its absence. Who deserves the award for worst dressed in the finery of the 2013 Golden Globes?

Too much of everything

We often think that to a large spectacular event must go, and so we just decorated like a Christmas tree. This is what happened last night Julianne Hough and Monique Lhuillier: too tulle, rhinestones and too much volume.


With Halle Berry always the same: either going gets very spectacular or shrimp to the bottom. And last night was this: is blatantly wrong in choosing this Atelier Versace for the gala. What was I thinking?


The first reaction I had to see Lucy Liu has been a: Hello such, what happened here? I find tremendous choice with this striking actress and recharged Carolina Herrera. I do not know what he meant but the play did not turn out too well.


The Jennifer Lopez has no name. And is that it all seems like a déjà vu: year after year is always dressed alike. Changes color or designer (rarely). Last night a Zuhair Murad playing with transparencies and lace.


With Nicole Richie feel insecure. Naeem Khan liked her, but she was not glowing or anything like that. Something was wrong with his final look but can not quite say why.


No highlighted above other

Some of the attendees were not of the most criticized, but neither of the most praised. They are in that group do not half and half. Neither fish nor fowl. And among them I set my dear Marion Cotillard: yesterday was correct but we know he can do it better. That dress is fine for a formal dinner, or for an event where the label does not mean going as a princess. But for the Golden Globes and it takes more dress is not what was.


My companion Natxo Barbara Palvin considered that deserved to be among the best dressed , but I do not think so. And this girl, so spectacular that is, last night did not say anything. That dress (which was not bad) fit him like a sack of potatoes and pulled him all game he deserved.


Julianna Margulies's dress did not convince me at all, and that specie dragon and I do not like anything.


I know that Helena Bonham Carter has a very particular style and always defends him to the hilt. But is that I do not like it, and although yesterday was very successful so we have always used, I just do not like. That seems too much hair and even his style I have nothing to share. What do you think?


Error makeup and hair

Must be a nuisance but choosing the right clothing wrong tone or it will not sit well with the hairdresser or makeup work. That's what happened to Kelly Osbourne: his impeccable dress that tone hair but the dress is not torn up anywhere.


And finally find Kaley Cuoco, what does that make to the Gothic with that delicate dress? I think he wanted to go and I left the modern backfire, is not it?


Who deserves to win levarse worst dressed of the night?

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