Monday, January 7, 2013

H & M Divided Spring 2013 proposes a more warlike than


It seems that the pattern will continue military gaining attention. Like the animal print, it seems that this has become such a classic and signatures and throwing the occasional garment ... or the entire collection. This is the case of the new H & M Divided, where the model looks like a lieutenant about to train everyone who joined the navy.


A touch on the look I like but when the whole outfit becomes uniform and the street in a battlefield where you have to fight to be the winner fails to please me. And H & M in their new lookbook does not appreciate the difference between groovy and too much. And it happens. Although I always say the same: imagine the clothes individually and perhaps the result you prefer.


Vests, jackets, leggings, shorts ... Every garment is good to be in khaki green or camouflage print. What do you like most?



I saw a cute kitty

I am a lover of dogs, and although unconnected cats scare me. I do not trust them and whenever one comes up to me my body tenses. So when I saw that H & M launched a couple of items with this animal as protagonist I shuddered.


If I had to choose one of the items you would sweatshirt for color and because it is more versatile. Although still well know that this collection will be part of my wardrobe.


What do you think?

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