Thursday, January 17, 2013

H & M is able to make out the colors this January 2013


I'm not much given to wear bright colors in my day to day. And not because I do not like, I just do not see them. Although that does not mean that when I go down the street and I see a girl who dares yes I do see some healthy envy within me. And it seems that I'm made to carry only black, gray and navy blue. But H & M goes to these tones and adds a new collection colorful yellow, fuchsia pink and bright floral prints.

Yellow fever

Despite everything I have said above, the yellow is my favorite color. And every now and then (and only in summer) I can take on some simple garment in this color. Especially when my skin is tanned spend long hours lying in the sun.


Blazers or stained silk shirts in this vein so flamboyant and does not expect to make up the heat Thermometer temperature. Why wait? The H & M want to cheer winter days with clothes how are you. Do you dare?



Who said pink was cheesy?

And although there is an urban legend that the pink color is a shade cheesy and ultra feminine, the truth is that if it becomes cheesy fuchsia what gets locked at home. Who of you dare with this pantsuit in this jazzy tone to work at the office?


Although if you prefer you can always dress decantarte version. Strange reason do not know why, but this piece makes the color is not as flashy as the previous set, do not you think?


And if you are of mine and these colors do not go with your personality, always remain the 'lifetime'. That is, white, brown, gray, black ...


What do you think these new proposals?

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